‘The Simpsons’ Springfield Is Actually in…


I won’t spoil it yet – I’ll give you the chance to run away now if you prefer to never know the real location of one of the most iconic cartoon families in history. The answer (and short news post…

Video of the Day: ‘SNL’ Digital Short Mines Comedic Gold and Jonah Hill’s Balls


While there are shows on television like Mythbusters whose hosts seek out what’s true about common rumors and urban myths through scientific exploration, there are other shows that pop up with weird gadgets (sometimes hosts) and unproven technologies that keep the guys…

HBO Cancels ‘Luck’


Following the recent deaths of three horses during production, the executive producers of HBO’s Luck have announced the show’s cancellation. HBO issued the following press release: “It is with heartbreak that executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann together with HBO have decided to cease…

House to Air Last Episode in 2012


After eight seasons on Fox, the Hugh Laurie medical drama House will cease airing after its season ends later this year. After much speculation, rising production costs, and dwindling ratings, the announcement of the series finale may come off as shocking…

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand: Arrested Development Cast Is All In

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.45.36 AM

Dean Lorey announced on his blog last week that the entire cast of Arrested Development is confirmed for the 2013 ten-episode run, which will debut on Netflix. Additionally, Lorey and team confirmed that a movie will follow. Eager fans, like…

The Muppets Take On Fox News

Shortly after the most recent cinematic incarnation of The Muppets debuted last year, Fox Business criticized the film on air for having liberal, anti-capitalist sentiments. Their qualms with the movie were centered on the main villain, stereotypical oil baron Tex Richman, played by Chris Cooper. The movie centered around the Muppets’ efforts to buy back their studio from Richman, who wanted to tear it down and drill for oil underneath the property. To hammer in how generic this villain was intended to be, his catchphrase throughout the movie was even “maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.” Fox Broadcasters lumped the Muppet movie together with films like There Will Be Blood and asked the question, “Are Liberals Trying to Brainwash Your Kids Against Capitalism?


At a press conference for the overseas opening of The Muppets, Kermit and Miss Piggy issued their formal response:

Bueller? Bueller? Super Bowl? UPDATE

1/30/12 UPDATE: Well, the full-length version of the previous teaser (see below) has premiered online, and it turns out that it is, as rumored, a Honda CRV commercial. Although Matthew Broderick is actually playing himself, the SuperBowl spot contains numerous references to Ferris Bueller. Enjoy the playful full-length ad.


Are there actually plans for a Ferris Bueller sequel more than twenty years after the fact? Or is it just a clever set-up for a licensed tie-in of some kind? All anyone can do is speculate or, as the video description says, “Stick it out until the Super Bowl, or take a ‘day off’ on Monday and catch the big reveal.”

The Bark Side – VW Teases Their Superbowl Commercial (It’s Star Wars Again!)

Screen Shot 2012-01-19 at 10.53.14 AM

Volkswagen continues to join their good sense of humor with their love of Star Wars – and the world rejoices! In a tease for their forthcoming Superbowl ad (2/5/12), VW has released a one-minute, dog friendly, hilarious, and most excellent…

69th Annual Golden Globe Winners


The Golden Globes were presented last night, and we’ve posted the list of winners below. Stay tuned to CT this week as we review the overall show and host Ricky Gervais’ performance (or lack thereof). Best Picture – Drama: The…

Golden Globes Air – Stay Tuned to CT Today, Tomorrow, and Wednesday for Our Recap and Reviews

Last night the Golden Globes were awarded to much-anticipated mockery from host Ricky Gervais. Stay tuned to CT today, tomorrow, and Wednesday for recaps of the show, Ricky, winners, award snubs, and more!